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Lantie Tom

Creative Arts Psychotherapist

my practice philosophy

The brain and the body are wired to heal.
There is no need to settle for coping when thriving is possible.

My work is trauma-focused and trauma-informed.
Using a combination of neuroscience-based techniques and expressive arts methods, I help your mind and body work for you instead of against you. This process is deeply meaningful and remarkably efficient. And the progress is sustainable.

I am committed to neutrality so that I can help you get to the core of what matters to you. There's no need to settle for less.

Let's get to work!

Licensed Creative Arts Therapist (New York)

M.A., Drama Therapy (New York University)

M.A., Educational Theatre (New York University)

Lantie (LCAT)

my services

To provide the best care possible, I am dedicated to continued study and skill-building. It's a real pleasure for me to put it to use and share what I've learned.


  • individual therapy

  • group therapy

  • psychodynamic

  • existential

  • art therapy

  • drama therapy

  • poetry therapy

  • Havening

  • parts work



  • guest lectures on creativity in clinical practice

  • guest lectures on working with children

  • clinical supervision (individual and group)

  • workshop intensives

coming soon

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  • Facebook
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