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connecting mind and body

for powerful breakthroughs

bridging art and science

for elegant solutions

Your deepest pain and your deepest strengths are beyond words.

You're a fighter and a rebel. You're also deeply loyal. Lately, you haven't been feeling as powerful or free. And you wish you could trust yourself more.

Now more than ever, you realize your need to repair old wounds and rebuild effective boundaries. Although suffering can feel like an inheritance, healing and restoration are everyone's birthright.

You're looking for someone who can help you access resources you didn't know you have to make breakthroughs you didn't know were possible.

Now more than ever, you need someone who can go into dark places with you and help you find your light - someone who advocates for you at your lows and brings out your best.

You have a rich inner life but lately your imagination has started working against you. You remember a time when your inner wisdom spoke creatively and it's only right you find someone who speaks that language.

Coping methods have left you frustrated and spinning your wheels. Methods that use unnecessary force have set you back and feeling gaslighted. Something still feels off. Many times you still feel disconnected and on edge, uncomfortable in your own skin. The panic keeps you from thriving during the day, and the nightmares keep you from sleeping through the night.

You deserve to feel revitalized, not desensitized. You deserve solutions and resolutions, not quick fixes. You're in search of healing the way nature intended. You need someone who can help you recognize your blindspots and guide you to avoid the pitfalls.

The stakes are high right now. You've fought a life or death struggle all your life and you've taken many losses. It's time to find someone who can unlock your potential and help you break free of the cycle.


I'm a psychotherapist and licensed creative arts therapist (LCAT) who looks at the whole picture and thinks outside of the box so that you can reach a breakthrough.

I strategically integrate effective, holistic methods within an analytical and simultaneously playful process, providing you with game-changing therapy that exceeds your expectations.

As your therapist, I will help you optimize your strengths and tap into your inner wisdom so that you heal efficiently and achieve enduring, deeply satisfying resolutions..

The result of my work is that you will feel freer, more alive, and more at peace.

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