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Therapy with art for Adults, Teens and Children in Manhattan New York

Merging art

with science

for elegant solutions

and powerful breakthroughs

Our deepest pain and our deepest resilience are always beyond words.

Now more than ever, you feel the need to repair old wounds and draw from deep strengths.
Although suffering can feel like an inheritance, healing and restoration are everyone's birthright.

You're looking for someone who can help you mend - someone who can help you access resources you didn't know you have to make breakthroughs you didn't know were possible.

Now more than ever, you're hoping for someone who can go into dark places with you and help you find your light - someone who advocates for you at your lows and knows how to bring out your best.


I'm Lantie, and I can help. 

I'm a psychotherapist and licensed creative arts therapist (LCAT) who thinks outside of the box.

My approach is holistic, strategic, and innovative. And my style is analytical, creative, and dynamic.

As your therapist, I can help you combine the magic of your imagination with the wisdom of your body to heal deeply, find lasting solutions, and solve the mysteries of the soul.

The result of my work is that you will walk away from our sessions feeling more free, more whole, more alive, and more true to yourself.

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Therapy for Anxiety

and Depression

Find a way off of the anxiety-depression roller coaster and optimize the resilience of your brain. Make social anxiety, panic attacks and phobias a thing of the past and start thriving.

Therapy for Complex Trauma and PTSD

Dissolve triggers and painful memories. Release stress and befriend your body. Find meaning where words fail. Heal old wounds and take back control of your life.

Therapy for

Identity Development

Discover your roles, find your roots, get authentic, and bring out the best in your personality. Identify what makes you unique and find your place of belonging.


the magic of the imagination
the wisdom of the body
the mysteries of the soul

Next Steps

1. Reach out! Let me know you're interested. We'll schedule a time to discuss your goals and how I can help.

2.  Rise to the challenge. Come to sessions with high expectations and readiness to have some serious fun.

3. Reclaim your future. Unleash your potential and start feeling your best.

Walking on Pink Water

Let's get you back on track

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