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therapy for adolescents and children

Face-to-face in New York city and online across New York state

"I don't even recognize my child anymore."

For a parent, it's very hard to see your child unhappy. It troubles you that their smile is becoming a rarity.
They may seem distant, impossible to talk to, and difficult to be around. 
Your once sweet and cooperative child has been acting out in school, shutting down at home, and zoning out for hours on video games and social media.
You've been seeing their grades slip, hearing that they had another panic attack at school, or knowing that they're hanging out with the wrong crowd.

You've done your best to ensure their safety and happiness, but life's not perfect and you could use the added support - someone both of you can trust.

As the parent, you are looking for someone who...
Takes your concerns seriously
Represents you fairly to your child
Collaborates with you on setting healthy boundaries
Keeps you informed of your child's progress and needs

For your child, you want someone who...
Earns their trust and respect
Helps them feel heard and understood
Gives them ways to express themselves
Helps them process what they can't verbalize

Nurtures their resilience
Advocates for their needs
Provides a sense of stability
Sets appropriate boundaries
Removes obstacles to making healthy choices

Guides them with sound advice
Is a positive role

How I can help

Children are bursting with creativity and playfulness but adverse experiences can stifle their  development and agitate their impulsivity. I engage with children in dynamic and spontaneous play, or support solo play with sandtray and art-making. By doing so, I can guide them out of where they're stuck and restore their sense of safety.


Adolescents are full of potential and contradictions. Adolescence is an intense and confusing lifestage so I help them develop self-awareness and a vocabulary for their thoughts and emotions. Using metaphors and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), I provide psychoeducation that helps them make sense of their reactions. By combining Play Therapy with Internal Family Systems (IFS), I can help bring out the best in their personality and help them find their special way to thrive.

See that special smile again.

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