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psychotherapy for trauma

Serving adults, teens, and children throughout New York

"I thought I was over it."

You've been through a lot. Life has taken its toll and left you feeling disconnected from yourself and your past. You're frustrated with all the times you've held yourself back when it was your time to shine. You're sick of picking fights and feeling guilty about it afterwards. You're tired of chasing and being rejected. You want healthy relationships.

Maybe the cycle is familiar - one that you swore you would never repeat. Or maybe the reasons are still a mystery.  Either way, you refuse to stay stuck and get left behind in life. Even if this is all you’ve ever known, you're going to break the cycle.

  • Flashbacks

  • Triggers

  • Dissociation

  • Nightmares

  • Anger and Irritability

  • Adoption trauma

  • Sexual trauma

  • Religious trauma

  • Political trauma

  • Ancestral trauma

Healing is your birthright.

In our sessions, we will process the root cause of triggers and identify the blindspots that trip you up. You will no longer be haunted by dreams or memories of the past. You will be able to release your burdens and enjoy rewarding, thriving relationships. Not only will you recover healthy boundaries, you will break through barriers.


To achieve this, I will bring the nature of your story to light. I will help you restore wholeness by tapping into the ways the brain heals itself and accessing the wisdom you have in your body and in your soul. And I will help you get out of your own way so that you can reclaim your strength so that you and the next generation can begin to thrive.

  • Stop getting triggered easily

  • Release pent up stress

  • Eliminate unhealthy coping

  • Process grief, anger, resentment

  • Find your blindspots

  • Build/Rebuild healthy relationships

  • Feel stronger and more centered
  • Learn to trust yourself again
  • Release burdens that hold you back
  • Reclaim what's rightfully yours
Image by Timothy Chan

What heals you makes you stronger.

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