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psychotherapy for identity issues

Serving adults, teens, and children throughout New York

Being unique has its challenges...

...but the challenges don't have to define you.

Seeing your friends change around you has left you wondering how you're going to change. Maybe your most intimate relationships are coming to an end and you're not sure who you are outside of it. Or maybe you're dating someone who's not your type and you're exploring what your new roles might be in this relationship. Maybe you're entering a new job or a life transition and you're not sure how to pull it off. Maybe you're searching for belonging. Maybe you miss who you used to be. Maybe you're just trying to get clarity on what your values are and what makes you special. 

  • Race and Ethnicity

  • Ancestry

  • Gender Roles
  • Societal Roles
  • Political and Religious Tribes
  • Adoption and Family roles
  • Impostor Syndrome
  • Personality traits

"Why do I not feel like myself?"

  • Recognize your core self

  • Reconnect with your roots
  • Sort through internal conflicts
  • Understand why you do what you do
  • Feel comfortable with yourself
  • Live authentically
  • Feel like yourself and like yourself again

As a result of our sessions, you will find yourself being more certain, more authentic, and more courageous. You'll discover your potential and find greater fulfillment in life. And you'll become your own best friend. I will help you thoroughly unpack the roles you play in life and start inhabiting what you aspire to. I will help you recover aspects of yourself you thought you lost and help you nurture your potential to adapt. I will help you find the 'sweet spot' where you feel true to yourself, enjoy yourself, and express yourself naturally.


It's time to get back on track

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