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Breakthroughs are possible

when we think outside of the box.

Many of my clients have been in therapy before and felt like something was missing. Soon after they begin working with me they express appreciation for "getting real work done" and seeing lasting progress. By tapping into your nervous system and aligning your strengths, I can help you unlock your potential to repair invisible wounds at their source and optimize your resilience.

My clients benefit from work that is intuitive and innovative. They trust me as someone who collaborates with them, advocates for them unconditionally, and promotes their growth. And they find me to be a well-rounded, discerning guide who has helped them navigate dark times and overcome complex obstacles to find themselves again on the other side.

my philosophy

As someone who uses techniques that are more natural and less aggressive than popularized methods, my high success rate is evidence that healing the way nature intended is less painful and more efficient than medicalized models of therapy. 

I believe therapy should honor your inner wisdom and your innate ability to heal and grow. I don't believe in using methods that require you to trust me more than you trust yourself.

I believe therapy should honor your autonomy. I don't believe in using methods that feel like  the therapist is doing it to you. I prefer to work in such a way that helps you do the work within yourself.

I believe therapy is better as in-powerment than as em-powerment.  I don't believe therapists can give power to their clients or that clients should rely on their therapist to feel stronger. I believe real power comes from within.  So I intentionally implement methods that support clients in finding their strength and maintaining their boundaries throughout their process - not just as a result of the process.

By integrating neuroscience with art,

to achieve breakthroughs you didn’t know were possible. 

I can help you tap into resources you didn’t know you have

my approach

If you're like many of my clients, creativity has been an asset for your survival. Overly-verbal, cognitive approaches lack resonance with your inner world and body. My approach helps creators of all types utilize your imagination and access your inner wisdom where words fail. With me, therapy is a creative process that helps you evolve organically. My clients find that the work we do not only improves their mental health, it frees them to produce better work.


My background as a dance and theatre artist has given me deeply powerful tools to help you access that important mind-body connection. Having been a character actor, I bring dynamic empathy and playfulness into our collaboration. As a designer, I bring imagination, strategic systems-thinking and problem-solving to help you achieve your goals. A combined experience of classical training and self-taught artistry equips me to help you revive inspiration and spontaneity so that you experience more satisfaction in art and in life.

my commitment

I am committed to being a specialist in you. I will remain informed by an abundance of research into what's most relevant and unique to you and stay at the forefront of the field to give you the most cutting-edge, holistic help available.

I am committed to providing you with high-quality care that encourages you to raise your expectations. I will help you discover the (very valid) reasons for you're going through and find real, lasting solutions. Together, we'll form a clear and sound strategy that sets you up for success.

my performance

You deserve to know you're in capable hands.

Throughout my graduate training, I remained at the top of my class in clinical courses and achieved breakthroughs with complex clients as early as my first internship. After demonstrating advanced insights and skills in private practice, I began supervising other mental health professionals from the undergraduate level to the doctorate level.  

From the beginning of my career, colleagues and mentors have described me as a particularly well-rounded therapist - someone who asks the bigger questions and finds the deeper answers. 

Education & Training

Licensed Creative Arts Therapist (LCAT)

    New York License - 002593

Internal Family Systems Online Circle - 2023 

Guided Drawing®

    Certification - 2023

Havening Therapy®

    Certification - 2022

Kint Institute

    Certification - 2020

New York University

    Master of Arts, Drama Therapy - 2019

    Master of Arts, Educational Theatre - 2012

Stella Adler Conservatory of Acting

    Certification - 2010

University of Massachusetts - Amherst

    Bachelor of Arts, Linguistics - 2010

Psychodynamic Therapy

Internal Family Systems informed Therapy (IFS)

Art Therapy and Guided Drawing®

Drama Therapy and Psychodrama

Play Therapy

Havening Techniques®

Cognitive Behavioral informed Therapy (CBT)

Dialectical Behavior informed Therapy (DBT)

Motivational Interviewing (MI)

We'd be a great fit if you are...

  • growth-oriented

  • interested in addressing root causes

  • interested in deeper discovery

  • tired of being stuck, excited to make breakthroughs

  • enjoy thinking outside of the box

  • value authenticity and accountability

  • analytical and/or creative thinkers (engineers, designers, artists, managers, etc.)

We're not the right fit (yet) if you are...

  • strictly comfort-oriented right now

  • prioritizing coping and managing symptoms

  • require unconditional affirmation

  • attached to the belief that therapy has to be painful and aggressive to be effective

Start thinking outside of the box.

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